Independent Sector’s 33 principles for good governance and ethical practice–good materials for thought and discussion

I came across this link to Independent Sector’s 33 principles for good governance and ethical practice, CLICK HERE.  You do have to register, but you do not have to become a member.  I have provided below the areas that the 33 principles cover.  As you might be aware, Independent Sector is a leader in the charitable community.  The principles provide good materials for thought and discussion.

“Principle 1: Laws and Regulations
Principle 2: Code of Ethics
Principle 3: Conflicts of Interest
Principle 4: “Whistleblower” Policy
Principle 5: Document Retention and Destruction
Principle 6: Protection of Assets
Principle 7: Availability of Information to the Public
Principle 8: Board Responsibilities
Principle 9: Board Meetings
Principle 10: Board Size and Structure
Principle 11: Board Diversity
Principle 12: Board Independence
Principle 13: CEO Evaluation and Compensation
Principle 14: Separation of CEO, Board Chair and Board Treasurer Roles
Principle 15: Board Education and Communication
Principle 16: Evaluation of Board Performance
Principle 17: Board Member Term Limits
Principle 18: Review of Governing Documents
Principle 19: Review of Mission and Goals
Principle 20: Board Compensation
Principle 21: Financial Records
Principle 22: Annual Budget, Financial Performance and Investments
Principle 23: Loans to Directors, Officers, or Trustees
Principle 24: Resource Allocation for Programs and Administration
Principle 25: Travel and Other Expense Policies
Principle 26: Expense Reimbursement for Nonbusiness Travel Companions
Principle 27: Accuracy and Truthfulness of Fundraising Materials
Principle 28: Compliance with Donor’s Intent
Principle 29: Acknowledgment of Tax-Deductible Contributions
Principle 30: Gift Acceptance Policies
Principle 31: Oversight of Fundraisers
Principle 32: Fundraiser Compensation
Principle 33: Donor Privacy”

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