Motorized wheelchairs needed for mobility impaired people . . .

I have been spending a little time at Laguna Honda skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in San Francisco. Many, perhaps the majority, of the residents get around using wheelchairs.  Laguna Honda is a huge place with multi-wings, multi-floors, and long hallways.  Here is a link to their website, and a picture which gives you a partial but incomplete idea of the size of the place, Click Here.  Although some of the residents have motorized wheelchairs, many do not although having one would be a tremendous mobility benefit.  In light of all of the ongoing California and federal deficit and budget talks, even if a resident of Laguna Honda could effectively advocate on behalf of himself or herself through the maze of public benefit rules and regulations, undoubtedly providing people with motorized wheelchairs is not a priority.  But this certainly would be a good opportunity where nonprofits and corporations could provide helpful assistance.

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