CANHR Posts Information About California Department of Justice Inspection of Nursing Homes

This information should be public.  For the CANHR post/article, Click Here.  Why is a Public Records request required?  The public wants this information, the Department of Justice works and is paid for by the citizens of the State of California (right?), and although the nursing homes in question don’t want the information to be made public, and they should have opportunity to refute the information and remedy shortcomings, when caring for dependent nursing home residents, nursing homes should expect investigation and evaluation by licensing entities, friends and family members, and ultimately the inspections offer opportunities and motivation for management and boards to enact or improve (and remedy) care and risk management practices.  Also wondering: I believe (but am not sure) that nursing homes are required to be insured – offering insurance companies opportunities to help their insured nursing homes to provide required and necessary care, and remedy deficient practices.  Everyone wins.

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