The St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco (where I am a Director)

FYI, I am a Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco ( Click Here for SVdP website), which runs tremendous programs helping people in need – if interested, get involved and contribute.  In summary, the following are the services and programs that the Society runs:

-The Multi-Service Center South (the largest homeless shelter in northern California – shelters, feeds and supports 340 homeless men and women every night, and provides drop-in services to 150 each day);

-The Riley Center (domestic violence safe and confidential emergency shelter and transitional housing and services);

-The Ozanam Wellness Center (meeting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals in our City who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues);

-The Vincentian Help Desk (a lifeline for those who are low-income or homeless, helping people meet their most basic needs for clean clothes, shoes without holes, a warm coat and a bag of groceries); and

-Conferences at the local Parrish level.

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