Vidal Sassoon’s Will Two Months Before Death Disinherits Son?

Vidal Sassoon’s Will Two Months Before Death Disinherits Son?

According to an article on MSN, Click Here For Article, Vidal Sassoon’s will, executed two months before his death, disinherits his son and his son’s issue (children). In California a decedent’s estate is supposed to be distributed to the people in the amounts that the decedent would have intended. Is a will or trust valid and are the terms enforceable? Sometimes and sometimes not. Some of the possible issues include: is there evidence of undue influence; was there a lack of mental capacity to understand the will or trust and its terms; are the terms of the will or trust vague, ambiguous or incomplete; are the terms of the will or trust unnatural to what the decedent would have wanted based on historical evidence; is there evidence of fraud; are the beneficiaries statutorily prohibited from inheriting (such as because of involvement in the drafting or transcription of the will, or caregivers, or for other reasons); was the will or trust properly executed; are there medications or infirmities involved; who has the burden of proof and can it be shifted to another party; and other possible issues and claims. Will and trust disputes are complicated, law and evidence intensive, and very contentious.

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