NY Times Article Re Sharp Dip In Dementia Rates, Sometimes

The following is a link to a NY Times article in which it is stated that there is evidence that in some situations there has been a sharp dip in dementia rates as age progresses, click here for the article. I can tell you that I would like to live to be a ripe older age assuming that I remain physically and mentally healthy as I like out-of-doors activities such as hiking hills and camping. The thought of dementia/Alzheimer’s is a scary thought – yes presumably I should have many years to go without concern, but I have told my sons that I would rather they put me on a lake with a tent and a folding chair than being in a nursing home. I also read a recent article that keeping the brain stimulated, such as by reading, helps to combat dementia. Keep on, or start, reading.

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco)