A Close Look at the Assisted Living Industry – And What You Should Do About It

The following is an article about assisted living that I found on OpenPlacement, click here for article.

Let me provide some comments about assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The two are different types of facilities and serve different functions of course, as the article does indicate. I have represented family members in lawsuits against facilities (including instances of wrongful death, inadequate care, improper assessment and a beating) and I have also acted as defense counsel. So I have seen many different situations. Assisted living facilities serve a useful and beneficial function, and so do nursing homes, many times in difficult situations. And there are “okay” facilities, and good facilities, and great facilities, and unfortunately some not so “okay” or even bad facilities, and natural events occur at the facilities, and accidents also can and sometimes do occur even at good facilities, and in some circumstances (many or most circumstances in the case of nursing homes) the people who live there would rather be living in their own homes if they had their first choice.

The article that I have linked above is a negative article. And that’s okay. I’m not endorsing the article as I have no personal knowledge about the facts that are alleged. Putting aside my litigation hat for a moment and with a view from 10,000 feet, every facility, daily living and care situation or reasonable possibility impacts real living people and presents an opportunity of risk and uncertainty management. You will find some of my risk management materials at http://businesslawrealestate.com, at http://lawriskgov.com and at http://davidtate.us.. I stopped updating the http://lawriskgov.com and http://davidtate.us sites but you will still find useful information.

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco)