Elder Abuse Protection Collaboration – Private Attorneys Needed, Updated Elder Abuse Slides Coming

Just some quick thoughts for this Friday morning.

I am seeing more materials and promotions by organizations reporting and combating elder abuse. All of that is for the good and obviously is encouraged and a lot more is needed. The efforts primarily involve spotting elder abuse and reporting to law enforcement, adult protective services or some other governmental entity. I’m also seeing more proposals to have or to offer to have a written form allowing a client to authorize an organization to contact a specific person, such as a spouse or other family member, if the organization believes that the client is being subjected to elder abuse. The written authorization is a good step in the right direction. But let me also tell you, and this comes from years of experience, you must have collaboration with private attorneys to combat and remedy elder abuse. This isn’t a negative comment – it’s just a fact that there will never be sufficient government and APS resources to combat and remedy the numbers of cases of elder abuse and the time and expertise that it takes to handle these cases. Collaboration with private attorneys is needed. I prepared a short blog post video on this in April 2015, which you can see on the following link (note, this video is prepared prior to recent equipment and presentation improvements), http://wp.me/p1wbl8-aT

I am also updating my elder abuse presentation slides, which I last posted in May of this year. I will post the updated slides in a couple of days, so do stay in touch.

Have a very good Friday, and weekend.

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco and California), http://californiaestatetrust.com