California Trustee Investment Portfolio Risk Management and Responsibilities, Elder Abuse, Etc.

The following are links to posts discussing California trustee investment risk management and responsibilities. This is one of the trustee responsibility areas that would keep me up at night if as a trustee I had responsibility over a significant investment portfolio. But the issue doesn’t stop there – it isn’t just a matter of having a prudent portfolio approach to investing, the California Probate Code also contains other specific statutory investment related provisions that the trustee should consider. Stock markets go up and down – for every buyer there is a seller – a loss in value by itself doesn’t necessarily mean that the trustee breached his or her duties – and risk of adverse events cannot be eliminated, but a trustee should want feel covered to the extent possible. The following are links to blog posts discussing these topics.

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Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco and California), and, including Tate’s Excellent Audit Committee Guide (updated January 2016, 183 pages)