Why Are There Some San Mateo County Nursing Homes That Don’t Make Music Available For Therapy – What About In Your Area?

I have heard that it can be difficult, perhaps impossible, to get nursing homes to make music available for their residents. I can surmise why that is so. It’s because making music available, even for therapy treatment, is an additional task that nursing homes don’t want to undertake.

But you say: “It has been shown that music therapy offers a bright new dementia treatment for some nursing home residents with dementia.” And some foundations or third-party providers make the equipment available for free use. So what gives? Music therapy can make the elder resident’s days more pleasant, and could even reduce the need for medications.

If music was a drug, it would be given. But giving a drug doesn’t take as much time or staff effort. Sort of sounds like inadequate staffing, and failure to satisfy legal responsibilities to care for the resident and improve the resident’s life and condition.