Some things that I am working on – cases and networking

Some things that I am working on – cases and networking

Very recent events in different cases:

Probate petition and hearing to force the presumptively named executor to file a petition.

Approval of petition for probate.

Approval of accounting.

Settlement agreement signed, working on petition for court approval.

Settlement negotiations in another case – settlement questionable.

Propounded written discovery in trust dispute case.

Working on discovery responses in will contest and alleged elder abuse case.

Working on discovery responses in a community property/separate property and creditor claim case.

Oversight of trust accounting and proposed schedule of distribution, and transmittal to beneficiaries with Probate Code §16461(c) 180 day notice period.

And more.

Very recent networking:

Institute on Aging meeting.

California Professional Fiduciary Association presentation.

Meetings and discussions with investment advisors.

Meetings and discussions with in-home care agencies.

Working on the blogs and the new Facebook page. The blogs are at: and,

and the new Facebook page is at

And more.