Unpacking Undue Influence – forwarding a CEJC blog post by Mary Joy Quinn

Below I have provided a link to a recent post by Mary Joy Quinn on the California Elder Justice Coalition blog. The post in part discusses aspects of undue influence as viewed in the court system and also a possible undue influence screening tool. The post by Ms. Quinn is a worthwhile read.

The following is a quote from the post:

“The case review of 25 newly established conservatorships revealed that 88% of the people lacked judgment and insight.  Influencers were family, friends, and neighbors in the bulk of cases.  In 13% of cases, romantic partners were the influencers while telemarketers or lottery scammers were influencers in 20% of the cases.  The most common type of abuse was financial abuse, either cash or real estate, that could not be remedied without a conservatorship.  Tactics included playing on weakness of the victim, lying and deception, and repeated solicitations.”  

And below is a link to the blog post by Ms. Quinn. Thank you for reading. David Tate, Esq.