John Trasviña for San Francisco School Board – I endorse John

I seldom get publicly involved in politics, but this time I am, and I endorse John Trasviña for the San Francisco School Board. Below I have provided a link to the website for John Trasviña in his run for the San Francisco School Board.

John would make a tremendous San Francisco School Board member. John’s San Francisco roots are deep. John attended San Francisco public schools while growing up, and John is experienced with San Francisco public schools. John has also served as a San Francisco Deputy City attorney, he was Dean of the University of San Francisco School of Law, and he was President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity and President Clinton’s special counsel for immigrant workplace rights at the US Department of Justice. Obviously, John also understands how to run an organization and a school, governmental processes, and budgeting.

John cares about people, young people, students, and education, he is very approachable and good interacting with people of diverse backgrounds about challenging and difficult issues, and he is very good at dealing with issues and making improvements. John stands for excellence in education and opportunities for everyone. I endorse John for San Francisco School Board.

For information I am providing you with the link to John’s website. I ask that you also click on the About, Issues, Donate, and Endorsements links. The following is the link to John Trasviña’s website for San Francisco School Board

Thank you, David Tate