Reaching Out to Non-Litigation Estate Planning Attorneys & Staying in Touch – Get Together for a Coffee Meet and Greet

Dear Friends, Colleagues & Connections:

The great majority of my cases – trust, estate, elder and dependent adult abuse, POA, care and nursing home, and conservatorship cases – are referred to me by estate planning attorneys who need help with or who don’t handle disputes and litigation.

For a couple of years now I have been having coffee meet and greets with estate planning attorneys who need help with or who refer disputes and litigation. But I have never posted an invitation.

So here it is . . . . if you are a SF Bay Area estate planning attorney who might need help with or who refers disputes and litigation, we should get together for an informal coffee meet and greet to discuss your practice, and mine. Send an email to me at the email that I use for my blog:

And, here is a link to a recent post about new Rule of Professional Conduct 3.7 as it applies or might apply to estate planning or trust and estate administration attorneys in court proceedings,

Best to you – David Tate, Esq. (and California inactive CPA)


Trust, estate, and elder and dependent audit abuse disputes and litigation, and contentious administrations

Audit committees, D&O, business, governance, compliance, investigations, litigation, responsibilities and rights, liability, and risk management

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