Are California SNFs Prepared For Variants To The Extent Possible – See France’s Situation

Below is a link that I saw this morning, from Reuters discussing France’s increasing difficulties with the UK COVID variant. This and other variants are already in California (pursuant to news reports).

This falls under the categories of risk management, health and safety, compliance, and governance, and potentially litigation and liability, internal controls and processes, internal investigations, and mediation/mediator and dispute or conflict resolution.

It is appropriate to ask and determine: are and how are California SNFs prepared for the variants to the extent possible? And this is and will remain an ongoing issue that will develop and and change over time, and is always present under infectious controls. These are issues not just for individual SNFs to deal with, but also for government executives and legislators, regulatory agencies, SNF and health care professionals and organizations, nursing home residents, resident family members and family councils, and other people and stakeholders.

Here’s the link:

Best to you, Dave Tate, Esq.