Focus on Domestic Violence and Abuse, Animal Cruelty as Domestic Violence, and Cluster B Personality Disorders – Controlling and Threatening Personalities, Bullies, Liars, Narcissists . . .

This past week the Washington State Supreme Court held that animal cruelty can constitute domestic violence, see animal cruelty can qualify as domestic violence, Washington State Supreme Court:

Seven types of abuse (click on the below link for detail):

Physical Abuse (including intimidation)

Mental Abuse (including anxiety, threats, and lying)

Verbal Abuse (including intimidation, browbeating, blame, and personal attacks)

Emotional Abuse (including insecurity, anger/fear, duress, coercion, and hostility)

Financial Abuse (including secrecy, forbidden access, control, possession, and dependency)

Sexual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse

These are starting points for discussion.

Cluster B personality disorders (click on the below link for detail):

Antisocial personality disorders include but are not limited to:

  • manipulative or deceitful behavior for personal gain, such as lying or assuming false identities
  • repeated antisocial actions, such as harassment or theft
  • impulsive behavior, which might lead to frequent job or relationship changes
  • irresponsible actions, which can affect occupational, social, and financial aspects of life, for example
  • disregard for personal safety or the safety of others, such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or neglecting a child
  • irritable or aggressive behavior, which can include physical fights

In memory of my dearest sister Deb – it has been 5+ months, and we are still working through this, but a lot more is known – Deb died on September 12, 2021 (or was found dead on that date) – below is a link to my October 20, 2021, post discussing what was known at that time. A lot has happened, and a lot more is known since that time – for example, although husband would not provide me with a copy of Deb’s supposed note, the Sheriff’s report which I now have contains the wording (but not a copy – just the wording – thus, the supposed note cannot be authenticated – and I will be posting the wording – the supposed note isn’t the narrative that it was represented to be), I also have a copy of the medical examiner’s report (and toxicology report), I know the narrative that husband told the Sheriff (pursuant to the Sheriff’s report), I have spoken with several of Deb’s life-long friends, family and relatives, husband stopped responding to me on September 22 (just 10 days after Deb’s body was found, and when I requested that he provide me with a copy of what he told me was Deb’s last text to him at 5:37 pm on September 11), and there have been at least several other important events and developments since Deb’s body was found. Thus, here is a link to my October 20 post, but the post will be updated with additional information:

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