Proposed California CARE Court – sounds close to a conservatorship

I have attached below a clip from the Governor’s fact sheet discussing the new proposed California CARE Court. I added the yellow. These are difficult situations and issues. Any proposed improvement is welcome. I note, however, that when the Legislature works on this legislation they consider that this proposal sounds very close to a conservatorship or a limited conservatorship. It would be a State action (legislation and Court) that limits or restricts a person’s freedoms and personal decision making, and also that perhaps results in forced or ordered medications and living conditions.

Several California cases have addressed some of the issues and rights in conservatorship cases – the proposed conservatee is entitled to have legal counsel, and legal counsel of the proposed conservatee’s choice, and a jury trial. Additionally, the medical diagnosis and the name of the medical diagnosis are not determinative of whether or not the conservatorship will be granted or the powers and restrictions that are ordered – instead, the questions pertain to the proposed conservatee’s actual abilities and limitations, and need, or not, for help. Any conservatorship ordered must be the least restrictive possible, and the alternatives must be considered. The conservatorship also must be reviewed annually or more often. See also my post about the recent enactment of Assembly Bill No. 1194 including burden of proof and other issues

The following is the clip from the Governor’s fact sheet discussing the new proposed California CARE Court.

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